Keeping You Strong: Stress Relief and Immune Support

The whole world is buckling down to contain, stop the spread of, and combat this particularly virulent COVID-19 Virus. As a healthcare provider who provides immune boosting and stress relief to my patients, and considering the likelihood of this pandemic lasting a few more months, I feel a need to continue to be available to support and help my patients and my community.

I am seeing patients with the following precautions:

  • I will be wearing a mask and thoroughly sanitizing the treatment area between every patient.
  • Patient and I are washing our hands before and after the treatment
  • I am seeing a low volume of patients and patients will be scheduled so they do not overlap.
  • I am making tele-medicine treatments available to all clients immediately!

Two options are available:

Remote Diagnosis and Herbology

Book a 20 minute phone consultation with me so that I can prescribe the proper herbal formula(s), supplements, and self care strategies to help you prevent getting the virus or support if you are sick. I will Fedex or deliver your herbal formulas and supplements to you within a day or 2, depending on your location.

($45 + prescriptions)

Traditional Treatment

You can book a regular acupuncture treatment with me only if you have not travelled in the past 2 weeks, do not and have not had a fever, or cough or any other symptom of cold or flu in the past 2 weeks.


Be cautious and practice good self care!
Sincerely, Livia Hall, L.Ac.

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